"Parker Solar Probe: The Sun's First Touch"

The Parker Solar Probe aims to conduct in-depth research on the sun. 

Identify the magnetic and plasma fields' structure and behavior at the solar wind's sources.  

Investigate the processes that propel and move energetic particles.

The Parker Solar Probe has traveled nearer to the sun than any other spacecraft and will keep doing so for the duration of its roughly seven-year existence.

Track the energy flow that warms and accelerates the solar wind and corona. 

Parker Solar Probe will travel at dizzying rates of about 430,000 mph (700,000 kph) during its closest approach to the sun, according to NASA. 

On August 12, 2018, a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket carried NASA's Parker Solar Probe into orbit

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory's (APL) Nicola Fox, the project scientist for the Parker Solar Probe,