Hozier's net worth

Hozier was raised in a loving home, but he also had to deal with some difficult circumstances.

Irish singer-songwriter Hozier has a $6 million dollar fortune.

Currently residing in Ireland, Hozier is working on a new record and continuing to make music.

The Irish singer-songwriter's first big hit in 2013, this song launched him into the public eye.

Hozier has only had one big song, despite his enormous success, but "Take Me to Church" is still a classic of the time and a monument to his musical skill.

Although Hozier is a well-known singer-songwriter, the Wicklow native has a difficult time achieving commercial success.

Belgium, Denmark, Holland, and Germany all had Top 15 chart positions for Hozier.

The album has 972,000 copies sold and 2.6 million equivalent album units in the United States as of March 2019.