Home Entertainment This outfit is a “mom at school pickup,” according to TikTok star Alix Earle. Sincere mothers corrected her.

This outfit is a “mom at school pickup,” according to TikTok star Alix Earle. Sincere mothers corrected her.

by Ratan Pramanik

Alix Earle Known For:-

The 22-year-old influencer Alix Earle, a University of Miami alum, has millions of followers on TikTok who are eager to see her next “Get Ready With Me” (GRWM) video.

Alix Earle So Famous:-

Earle is open and honest with her followers about her life, including everything from her decision to get a breast augmentation to her bad sorority recruitment experience, in addition to sharing her most recent product recommendations.

Mom at school pickup,” as popular TikTok user Alix Earle claims:-

Alix Earle, a beauty influencer, is undoubtedly skilled in makeup; millions of people watch her “Get Ready With Me,” or GRWM, tutorials. However, the 22-year-old University of Miami alumnus probably needs some clarification on what real mothers wear.

Earle asked followers to watch her choose an outfit for a Miami Dolphins game in a recent TikTok video. Braxton Berrios, Earle’s boyfriend, is a wide receiver for the group.

You appear to be lacking a few items. Cassidy Montalvo started, “The hat you got right.” The snack bag that your child enjoyed yesterday but detests now is something you are forgetting. The water bottle they will, no doubt, forget at school. A cold cup of coffee and the jacket that they will not put on even though the temperature is below thirty. That’s right. You won’t be set until you have additional props.

Additionally, a mother of two from Massachusetts named Nicki Maher stitched Earle’s video. Maher can be seen standing in her pajamas and slippers on her front porch in the video. It’s a disheveled bun.

I had a mental picture of what motherhood would be like, just like Alix. But as Maher, 46, puts it, it’s a complete hot mess,” TODAY.com reports.

“You’ll see me working pickup without a bra in a hoodie. my bun and my pajama bottoms,” she remarks.

Mari Ebert laughed heartily when Earle said, “I feel like a mom picking her kids up at school.”

In addition to cozy pants, T-shirts, and Crocs, Ebert tells TODAY.com that her typical school pickup attire is frequently “bra optional.” If she appeared in Earle’s group, she’s not even sure if her kids would recognize her.

Jokingly, Ebert says, “I think my kids would walk right past me if I showed up at pickup looking like Alix.”

Additionally, Earle’s fans are making fun of her in the TikTok video’s comments section.

“I don’t care if it’s in ten years. One person wrote, “I’m going to need you to stitch this while wearing the sweatshirt you haven’t cleaned in days when you have a kid.”

“The way non-mom’s plan to mom sends me,” was another addition.

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