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51-Recap: Phaedra Parks on “RHOA”: She Discusses Her Marriage to Apollo Nida “Was Crazy All the Time.”

by Ratan Pramanik
Apollo Nida and Phaedra

Life story Apollo Nida:-

Apollo Nida was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 19, 1978, in the United States. His mother is Katrina Too hey. Both Nita and her older sister Everett Nita experienced poverty as children. He is of German and Afro-American descent and is a citizen of the United States. Nita started her career as an auto repossession man after graduating from high school.Nita was an ordinary man before he met his ex-wife, Phaedra Parks. He became well-known as the ex-husband of the American attorney, mortician, producer, and actress. They had been dating for a while when they got married on November 1, 2009. The former couple’s two sons are Dylan and Ayden Nita. 2010 saw Nita and his ex-wife appear on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

“Home & Family” in 2013 and “Bethany” in 2014. Nita co-founded Shine Body, a fitness company, with his ex-wife.He is currently seeing Sheri en Al mufti, a Jordanian realtor and real estate investor who goes by Queen Sheri en. On their separate social media profiles, they never stop sharing each other’s photos. Nita presented a proposal to Al Mufti in 2017.

Bio of Apollo
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Bio Phaedra Parks:-

“Real Housewives of Atlanta,” a well-liked Bravo reality series starring Phaedra Parks, is among the network’s highest rated programs. The ninth season of the program is presently airing. Parks has also had a successful career as a lawyer, social activist, businesswoman, motivational speaker, and author.Parks practices law in the areas of intellectual property rights, entertainment, and civil and criminal litigation. He is the managing partner of the Atlanta-based legal practice The Parks Group.She has defended prominent and well-known clients and is actively involved in the Atlanta legal community. She has served as president of the Gate City Bar Association and as a member of the advisory board of the American Bar Association.

Parks has worked as an on-air legal analyst for Entertainment Tonight, EXTRA, Fox, CNN, NBC, and truth. She has also been quoted on legal matters in a number of publications, including Newsweek, People, and The New York Times.As a passionate social activist, Parks never gives up on defending African-American boys. Through her nonprofit organization, Save Our Sons, she works with communities across the nation to highlight the importance of positive male role models in the lives of black boys. She has communicated with the families of victims of violence and needless deaths, including Michael Brown and Traction Martin. Parks frequently travels to Washington, D.C., where she works with Congressmen to implement initiatives that provide chances for youth who are at peril. Additionally, Parks has visited places like Flint, Michigan, and Selma, Alabama, to fight social injustices and is a vocal advocate for civil rights issues.

Bio Phaedra Parks
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Phaedra Parks’s career:-

  • Parks made her television debut in the 2010 premiere season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She had already built a successful legal career for herself and managed her own firm, The Parks Group. Throughout her career, she had the honor of representing a number of well-known public figures, including Bobby Brown.
  • The 2006 “Attorney of the Year” honor went to her. In addition, she has served on the boards of the UGH Law School, G-Capt, the Grammy Recording Board, and the Georgia Law School Alumni Council.
  • Secrets of the Southern Belle: How to Be Nice, Work Hard, Look Pretty, Have Fun, and Never Have an Off Moment, Parks’s debut book, was published in 2013.
  • In 2020, Parks made an appearance on the second season premiere of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition alongside her then-boyfriend Medina Islam. She made her acting debut in eight episodes of the Fallback anthology series Covenant in October 2021.
  • Parks debuted on THUG’s main cast in 2022. In addition, she played a regular guest character on The Real Housewives of Dubai’s debut season, Caroline Brooks’ friend. For Season 14 of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Shearer Whitfield disclosed that Parks filmed at her fashion show; however, the Parks-related segments were never aired.
  • Parks filmed at Sheree Whitfield’s fashion show for Season 13 of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield disclosed. Following her termination from the show in 2017, RHOA executive producer Andy Cohen expressed his desire to see Parks return on a regular basis. This remark set off rumors that Parks would be joining RHOA full-time.
  • It’s said that she’s watching THUG, RHOA, and RHODE on TV to see how the public will react to her possible return to Bravo. Randi Burrs has declared that she will leave RHOA if Phaedra Parks returns.

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Phaedra Parks's career
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According to Phaedra Parks, her union with Apollo Nida:-

The Real Housewives of Atlanta gave viewers an intimate peek at Phaedra Parks’ difficult decision to divorce Apollo Nita on Sunday.”It was always insanity.” Every day,” a distraught Parks admitted to Bishop T.D. Jake’s’ daughter Sarah Jake’s. “He got into fights all the time. It didn’t stop.Parks stated that although she made an effort to stand by Nita, even after he received an eight-year prison sentence for fraud, the constant drama became too much to handle.”I feel at ease for the first time in years, knowing that he won’t harm himself or anyone around him as he goes to sleep.”Afterwards, Parks sought guidance from friend, mentor, and lawyer Ronnie Plank. Plank affirmed that her prenuptial agreement was “airtight” but then questioned why Parks had married Nita, who had been in jail earlier..

Parks remarked, “I thought he was a changed man,” describing Nita as a party animal and “mean-spirited.” “I knew he loved me, so I married him.” Perhaps he had been playing me all along. He’s leaving a crazy trail in his wake. Leakey informed Dr. Jeff Gardener—whom she had chosen to conduct the therapy session—that she was leaving because she had two healthy feet and a functional car. “It’s solved, your problem.An irate Leakey then said, “You should lose your license,” to Dr. Jeff, who followed her all the way to her car and pleaded with her to come back. A competent counselor would never permit anyone to place their trash on the lap of another.

Watch What Happens Live - Season 11
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