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50-Friends of Phaedra Parks from RHOA Are Enraged With Her Ex Apollo

by Ratan Pramanik
Friends of Phaedra Parks from RHOA Are Enraged

What Was Said by the Ex-Husband of Phaedra Park?

the Ex-Husband of Phaedra Park
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In 2014, Apollo—a former prisoner—was sentenced to prison after entering a guilty plea to charges of conspiring to commit bank, wire, and mail fraud. In June 2019, Apollo was transferred to a halfway house in Philadelphia after serving his time. But after a few days, he was taken into custody for violating his parole.During his legal troubles, Apollo told Sheree that Phaedra had abandoned him to rot. He clarified that she had abandoned him when his legal issues first arose and had not appeared at his sentencing. Additionally, he said that at the time she denied him access to their children.

According to close friends of Phaedra Parks, her inner circle is incensed over remarks made by her ex-husband Apollo Nita about her in a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Apollo and Phaedra were married in November 2009, and they welcomed their two sons, Ayden and Dylan, in 2010 and 2013, respectively. Unfortunately, there were multiple accusations of cheating against both of the ex-couple, which severely damaged their relationship. They parted ways in 2014 due to internal strife and controversies following Apollo’s prison sentence for fraud and identity theft. In July 2017, their divorce was finalized.

Apollo was given an eight-year prison sentence; however, he was released in 2019 after serving five years on probation and under supervision. He has been disparaging Phaedra ever since his release, claiming she abandoned him because of his legal problems. Apollo made his first appearance on RHOA since his arrest in 2014. He spoke with Sheree Whitfield during his August 28 appearance on the Bravo show. During his legal troubles, Apollo told Sheree that Phaedra had abandoned him to rot. He clarified that she had abandoned him when his legal issues first arose and had not appeared at his sentencing. Additionally, he said that at the time she denied him access to their children.

Friends Respond to Phaedra Parks of RHOA:-

Page Six was informed by a source that Apollo’s remarks enraged the friends of his ex-wife. The source blasted Phaedra Parks’ ex-husband for disparaging her despite the fact that during his life, she has only ever assisted him. The source asserted:

“Despite having paid all of his court costs, Phaedra was nonetheless sentenced to prison due to his guilt. Forevermore, he will be indebted to her.”Apollo’s assertions that Phaedra prevented him from seeing their children due to his legal issues were refuted by the insider. Rather, they praised the reality TV star for being an amazing mother to her sons.

The shocking information rocked the RHOA cast and seemed to sever Parks’ close friendship with Williams, who had drawn criticism for bringing up the charges repeatedly during the season.

The issue was that Williams had only disseminated the allegations after Parks had informed her that Burruss was the source of the information. However, Parks acknowledged that she had only heard the information from an unidentified source when the truth came to light.

Parks clarified, “I repeated it because I heard it.” “I was brought something.” I just said it again. I reiterated what I had been told. Not that I didn’t say it. I’m saying that I said it again

“Oh Phaedra, that’s terrible,” Williams sobbed. “Oh my God, that is terrible.” I promise you, Randi, if it hadn’t been told to me in confidence and with all sincerity, I would never have said anything like that to you.

Williams claims that Parks brought up the drug rumors initially in a private phone conversation with him. Williams acknowledged that it sounded improbable at the time, but two days before she confronted Burrs about the drugs, and a few days prior to the reunion’s recording, she said Parks repeated the support.

Friends Respond to Phaedra Parks of RHOA
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Sheree Gets Condemned:-

Notably, Sheree was unable to refute Apollo’s accusations on behalf of Phaedra. Surprisingly, she asked him to walk in her She by Sheree fashion show instead. The source also criticized Sheree for failing to defend Phaedra.The insider said Sheree ought to have told Apollo to take responsibility for his actions, act like a good father, and quit whining.After seven seasons, Phaedra Parks of Real Housewives of Atlanta departed the show in 2017. She and Apollo, meanwhile, were wed for eight years before divorcing in July 2017. She hasn’t responded to his most recent remarks yet, but maybe she won’t have to because of her friends.

On Sunday, August 28, 2022, Bravo’s RHOA returned for yet another dramatic and intense episode. Santa and Sheree made the decision to see Drew this week following her surgery. Sheree revealed to them that Ross had come for them both during the trip, and that Kenya was upset about it. Santa was informed by Sheree that Kenya had referred to Ross as “aggressive.” Santa called Kenya as a result and confronted her.Social media was used by viewers of the episode to criticize Sheree for her disorganized actions.There was a lot of drama in Rho’s episode 16, “It’s Expensive to be She.” The main one was Sheree causing problems for Santa and Kenya, even though their relationship was already tense.

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Sheree Gets Condemned
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Reasons Why Fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta Want Phaedra Parks Back:-

The people closest to Phaedra find her ex-husband’s recent remark about her offensive and take offense at it. “Apollo has some nerve showing up and talking negatively about Phaedra when she’s done nothing but help him in his lifetime,” a source close to Phaedra told Page Six. Her pals are enraged.” The insider further stated that despite Apollo’s guilt and subsequent incarceration, Phaedra had paid all of his legal fees. Apollo would be indebted to Phaedra for the remainder of his life, the source continued. The insider refuted Apollo’s assertions that Phaedra denied him access to their children at the time, emphasizing that the former RHOA star is an amazing mother to their sons.

The source added that since there is a written agreement in their divorce decree prohibiting either of them from speaking ill of the other, Apollo should refrain from saying anything bad about Phaedra. The insider added that Apollo’s choice to criticize Phaedra on TV stemmed from his desire for attention, which he understood he could only obtain by talking about her. Sheree, Phaedra’s friend, notably chose not to stand up for her when Apollo made accusations against her. She asked him to her “She by Sheree” fashion show instead. The source expressed disapproval of this, saying, “It’s unfortunate that Sheree, who represents herself as Phaedra’s close friend, would listen to Apollo’s sob tale and not speak up and demand that he stop disparaging the woman.

who has stood by you no matter what. At the very least, she ought to have told him to stop complaining, take some responsibility, and be a good father.”

Phaedra Parks
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