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47-What Has Been Going on for Phaedra Parks After She Left RHOA?

by Ratan Pramanik
Phaedra Parks After She Left RHOA

What is Phaedra Parks up to these days?

Phaedra up to these days
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Although Phaedra Parks left RHOA amid scandal, the Southern belle hasn’t avoided the limelight in any way since. To learn more about her recent activities, click on…Phaedra Parks has always been a multifaceted individual. She is not only a mother and a busy professional with a career spanning the legal and mortuary industries, but she is also a member of the Ex-Wives Club, which recently surfaced on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.

Critics probably believed that her legal practice had suffered because of the 2017 scandal, but this was untrue. By spreading false information about her co-star Kandi Burruss, the former cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta turned against herself, turning producers, other cast members, and half of the internet against her. Do you need a little memory boost? Kandi and her husband, who obviously refuted Phaedra’s harsh accusations, attempted to take advantage of her. The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Season 9 “Reunion” made clear that Phaedra’s allegations, which included the allegation that the couple attempted to drug her and drag her home, severely devastated the two of them.

Phaedra Parks signed a contract to model:-

Phaedra Parks signed a contract to model

After leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra gained a revenge body, and to show off her even finer booty, she signed a contract with Wilhelmina Models. “I believe I’m the embodiment of ‘yes you can,'” Phaedra exclaims.After leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra gained a revenge body, and to show off her even finer booty, she inked a deal with Wilhelmina Models. Phaedra exclaims, “I think I’m the face of ‘yes you can.'” “I get to demonstrate to people that beauty exists in all shapes, sizes, hues, and ages. It’s thrilling and adventurous!

Phaedra attributes her new figure to stress and Pilates. “Recent events made me tone it up,” the woman says. Among those recent occurrences is concluding Her second divorce and her departure from RHOA changed her perspective on life. In my personal life, a lot of things happened. Everything was really stressful to go through, but once it was all over, it was very simple. I feel like I aged backwards and became Benjamin Button, but I also became happy.

As a model, Phaedra aspires to be featured in skincare campaigns that highlight the beauty of unmake up women. But it would be easy for her to take it all off! I adore being nude! Us Weekly gets a gushing Phaedra. “I adore my curves and my body. For the past seven years, I’ve been wearing g-strings and exposing everything pretty much every season. Despite my imperfections as a mother of two, I have no trouble getting naked.

Phaedra Parks is getting a house sold:-

The former cast member Phaedra Parks of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” sold one of her two Atlanta homes for $950,000 earlier this month. The mansion in Chaitin Park, Buck head, with a semi-French Provincial style, was listed for $1,195,000 last November. By May, she had reduced it to $1,050,000.A Renaissance woman personified, Phaedra Parks, Esq., joins the women of Bravo’s “Married to Medicine.” In addition to being a successful lawyer and businesswoman, this sassy southern belle is also a television personality, motivational speaker, author, mortician, social activist, and mother of two young kings.

Parks practices law in the fields of entertainment, intellectual property rights, and criminal and civil litigation. He is the managing partner of The Parks Group, an Atlanta-based legal firm. Government agencies, well-known people, and celebrities are among her clientele. She participates actively in the legal community in Atlanta. She has been on the American Bar Association’s advisory board, served as president of the Gate City Bar Association in the past, and is a proud member of the Lawyers Club. Parks is the current president of the Law School Alumni Association at the University of Georgia, where she graduated in the fourth generation with pride. Parks graduated with honors from Wesleyan College as a Bachelor of Arts, from the University of Georgia as a Juries Doctor, and from Jefferson State College as a mortuary sciences graduate.

Phaedra is getting a house sold
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There’s no way Phaedra Parks will return to RHOA:-

Phaedra Parks gave in her peach on The Real Housewives of Atlanta five years ago, and even though fans have begged her to come back, Phaedra says she has no desire to ever pick up that piece of fruit again. She tells ET, “No, I don’t want to pick up a peach.”Phaedra Parks gave in her peach on The Real Housewives of Atlanta five years ago, and even though fans have begged her to come back, Phaedra says she has no desire to ever pick up that piece of fruit again.After Porsche Williams claimed during the season 9 reunion that Phaedra had told her about their co-star Randi Burgess’s alleged desire to drug and seduce Porsche—allegations that Kinda has made—Phaedra left RHOA under peculiar circumstances.

Since transforming into “the doggone villain” in the years since, Phaedra has never really talked about the experience in public. Watchers anticipated that Phaedra would at last give her version of events on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Ex-Wives Club, but when Vicki Samuelson asked her to consider her departure from RHOA, Phaedra responded that she wasn’t “doing that.””Well, actually we had spoke about it earlier and so they chose not to air it,” Phaedra says. But that was—and let’s be really honest here—that was—what, five or six years ago? And the story has two sides to it. It’s clear that they decided not to play the other side because you only heard one. Thus, things are as they are, but I’m I am a present-day person. Furthermore, I believe that people are aware of the fact that most people who know still know.”

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There's no way Phaedra will return to RHOA
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Phaedra is thinking about entering politics:-

Nobody has any faith in Phaedra Parks at this point. When she was exposed for her egregious lies during the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, she had the most shameful exit in the history of the show. Now that she has lied about Randi Burrs wanting to rape Porsche Williams, she is just ignoring the fact that it doesn’t really matter.

Regardless of the quantity of Bible verses and motivational quotes Phaedra shares on social media, her dubious behavior is likely to remain unseen by most. Thus, I’m not sure why she believes she is qualified to hold public office. Jokes about politics notwithstanding, does anyone honestly believe that Phaedra will be trusted enough to be elected to any kind of position?Phaedra is nevertheless sufficiently naive to believe that politics is in her future.

Phaedra is thinking about entering politics
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Phaedra is dating someone new:-

Actor Medina Islam was the first man Phaedra welcomed into her life following her divorce from Apollo. Despite knowing each other from the Atlanta social scene and possibly from their previous relationship with Claudia Jordan, they only connected through a dating app. Despite living far apart—Phaedra is in Atlanta, while Medina is in Los Angeles—the two quickly clicked.In September 2019, Parks told PEOPLE, “He’s a really good guy.” He is extremely soothing, calm, and well-mannered. He’s completely different from any guy I’ve ever dated, and I’ve always dealt with the bad boys. That’s refreshing,

As stated in an Essence article, Phaedra exclaimed, “I love politics!” So do many others, but that does not imply that they ought to all seek public office. I’m not even sure who Phaedra believes will stand by her—she doesn’t even have the support of the Real Housewives fandom.”People want a new voice and I can lend my voice to that,” she dared to say. Truly? Who are these people who wish for Phaedra to represent them? The most ridiculous idea I’ve heard in a long time is that Phaedra would have a better chance of becoming a politician than a cast member of a reality TV show.

Phaedra is dating someone new
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