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44-Facts about Phaedra Parks: A Lawyer with Diverse Skills Age, Husband, Family, Salary, Net Worth, and Movies

by Ratan Pramanik
Facts about Phaedra Parks

About Phaedra Parks:-

About Phaedra Parks
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One of the highest rated shows on the network, “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” is a popular reality series on Bravo that starred Phaedra Parks. The show is currently in its ninth season. In addition, Parks has a prosperous career as an author, businesswoman, motivational speaker, lawyer, and social activist.Parks practices law in the fields of entertainment, intellectual property rights, and criminal and civil litigation. He is the managing partner of The Parks Group, an Atlanta-based legal firm. She is actively involved in the Atlanta legal community and has represented high-profile and celebrity clients. She has held positions on the American Bar Association advisory board and as president of the Gate City Bar Association.

Parks is an ardent social activist who never stops fighting for African-American boys. She works with communities across the country to emphasize the value of positive male role models in the lives of black boys through her nonprofit organization, Save Our Sons. She has interacted with the families of Michael Brown, Traction Martin, and other individuals who have suffered from violence and senseless deaths. Parks is a frequent visitor to Washington, D.C., where she collaborates with Congressmen to carry out programs that give opportunities for young people who are at risk. In addition to being vocal about civil rights issues, Parks has traveled to cities such as Selma, Alabama, and Flint, Michigan, to combat social injustices.The best-selling book “Secrets of the Southern Belle: How to Be Nice, Work Hard, Look Pretty, Have Fun, and Never Have an Off Moment,” written by Parks, offers humorous and engaging advice on how to possess all the grace, charm, and confidence of a real Southern Belle. As a motivational speaker, Parks frequently travels the nation to address various groups on a variety of topics, from law and business to success and personal development. In addition to being a licensed funeral director, Parks is currently setting up shop in the Atlanta region.Parks holds degrees in mortuary sciences, law, and bachelor of arts with honors from Wesleyan College, the University of Georgia, and from the College of Jefferson. Her two sons, Ayden and Dylan, are currently living in Atlanta. She is originally from Georgia.

Childhood & Early Life of Phaedra Parks:-

Phaedra was the second of four children born in October 1973 in Athens, Georgia, to Pastor Henry Parks and Regina Bell. Henri Jacques Parks, Albert Bell, and Kenosha Bell are her three siblings.Phaedra is a native of Athens, Georgia, and graduated with honors from Wesleyan College in the same city. She continued on to study law, graduating from Jefferson State College with a degree in mortuary sciences and the University of Georgia with a juries doctorate.Phaedra founded The Parks Group PC, an Atlanta-based legal practice, following her graduation from law school in 1996. She is currently the managing partner of the firm. Parks has also been a member of the advisory board of the Gate City Bar Association and the president of the American Law Institute.

Ne Ne Leakey, Parks’ co-star on RHOS, was born and raised in Athens, Georgia, where Parks also went to high school. Regina Bell and Henry Parks, pastors, are the parents of four children, including her.For her children, Phaedra Parks’s 10-year-old Dylan Nina and 13-year-old Ayden Nina, whom she shares with her ex-husband Apollo Nina, she always goes above and beyond. Being Phaedra’s sons, also known as the Prince and Mr., has its advantages, as anyone who has ever been pregnant (at all!) knows. She persisted in putting on a front, suggesting that there might be a difference in viewpoint. “It’s not a theory,” the physician informed the woman.

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Childhood & Early Life of Phaedra Parks
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A Lawyer with Diverse Skills of Phaedra Parks:-

Phaedra is well-known for writing the best-selling book “Secrets of the Southern Belle: How to be Nice, Work Hard, Look Pretty, Have Fun and Never Have an Off Moment,” in addition to being a prosperous lawyer and television personality. Through this delightful book, Phaedra encourages the southern belles to exude grace and confidence. Phaedra makes a lot of trips across the nation to deliver inspirational speeches on a wide range of topics, including business, law, personal development, and attaining success.Parks is renowned for her contributions to the community as well. She has worked tirelessly and fervently for the African-American community. She has additionally been connected to the nonprofit group “Save our Sons.” The nonprofit is renowned for planning national awareness campaigns that emphasize the significance of black boys’ exposure to positive male role models.

Phaedra has shown her support and care for the black community by spending time with the families of those who have been victims of violence and senseless killings. She is well-known in the legal community in Washington, DC, and is recognized for her active participation in programs that offer opportunities to young people who are considered to be at-risk.If Phaedra’s celebrity status in the South wasn’t enough, she is currently in the process of opening a funeral home in the greater Atlanta area in addition to holding a license as a funeral director.

A Lawyer with Diverse Skills of Phaedra Parks
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Net Worth of Phaedra Parks:-

With a net worth of $6 million, Phaedra Parks is an American entertainment lawyer and television personality. Being a managing partner of Parks Group PC and an attorney are how Phaedra Parks accumulated her wealth. Her legal practice focuses primarily on criminal defense, entertainment law, and contract negotiations for athletes and performers. In addition, Phaedra Parks is a cast member of Atlanta’s Real Housewives. In the third season of the show, she made her debut.

Phaedra’s net worth has undoubtedly increased as a result of her appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, in addition to her legal profession. She has over 2.8 million Instagram followers and is a very well-liked character from the show. As we all know, celebrities can make a good living by sharing sponsored content with their large fan base.

Phaedra makes money from her Cameo profile as well. The cost of a personalized video from Phaedra is $175, for those who would like to receive or send one. Businesses can also request Phaedra to send videos to their clients, staff, or company for $875 or more.

Not enough money to spend that kind of money? For only $20, you can send Phaedra a brief message to begin a conversation.Phaedra is the managing partner of The Parks Group, an Atlanta-based legal practice. She practices in the areas of entertainment, intellectual property, and criminal and civil litigation. Parks has worked for Fox News, NBC, County TV, “Extra,” and “Entertainment Tonight” as a legal analyst. She served on the American Bar Association’s advisory board.Through her nonprofit organization Save Our Sons, Parks advocates for African-American boys and engages in social activism. The organization’s main goal is to provide Black boys with positive male role models. Parks has spent time with the families of Michael Brown and Traction Martin, two victims of senseless killings and acts of violence.

Net Worth of Phaedra Parks
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