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42-“The world is so full of hate,” says NSYNC member Lance Bass, asking for forgiveness from Justin Timberlake in the wake of Britney Spears’ shocking autobiography

by Ratan Pramanik
The world is so full of hate

About Lance Bass:-

About Lance Bass
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The epitome of a highly accomplished and ambitious jack-of-all-trades, Lance Bass is a singer, host, actor, producer, writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and space traveler.In addition to his global recognition as a member of the incredibly popular group *NSYNC, which has sold over 60 million records globally, Bass has established himself as a household name. He has expanded his accomplishments into multiple entertainment mediums, and over the past 20 years, he has had numerous career highlights in music, including multiple Grammy® nominations, two diamond RIAA awards, MTV Video Music Awards®, American Music Awards®, and People’s Choice Awards®, to name a few.Since September of 2015, Bass has been a contributing panelist on The Meredith Vieira Show (2014) every day.

Bass made waves on Broadway in 2007 when he starred as “Corny Collins” in the blockbuster “Hairspray,” released his candid memoir “Out of Sync,” and danced his way to the championship round of the seventh season of ABC’s popular competition series Dancing with the Stars (2005). He became the youngest person in history to be inducted into the Mississippi Musician’s Hall of Fame in 2003. With Lance Bass, he co-hosted a daily pop culture radio show called “Dirty Pop” on Sirius XM in 2012, and he currently hosts their “Pop2k Countdown” on the weekends.Developing his love of movies and documentaries, Bass has become a well-known producer with projects like Kidnapped for Christ, for which he received the Mississippi I Am, which recently took home the Best Documentary prize at the Manhattan International Film Festival, and the Audience Award for Documentary Feature from their January Slamdance premiere.

An encore showing of Mississippi I Am will be held in November as part of the Mississippi Film Festival’s recognition of his extraordinary accomplishments. Additional producing credits include the 2001 Miramax picture On the Line, in which he starred as the film’s star in addition to serving as Executive Producer, a role that won him the esteemed Movieguide® Award for excellence in family-friendly programming. He served as executive producer for Randal Kleiser’s romantic comedy Lovewrecked (2005), which starred Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Amanda Bynes, and Chris Carmack. In addition, he was honored with the 2001 Male Film Discovery Golden Apple Award.

Bio of Justin Timberlake :-

Bio of Justin Timberlake
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On January 31, 1981, Justin Randall Timberlake was born in Memphis, Tennessee, to Lynn (Bomar) and Randall Timberlake. Randall Timberlake’s father was a Baptist minister. He participated in Star Search (1983) at the age of 11, and although he was eliminated, it didn’t deter him from his goals. In 1989, he also made an appearance on The All New Mickey Mouse Club, costarring with Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, Keri Russell, Christina Aguilera, and JC Chasez, who would later become his bandmate. When Justin was fourteen years old, he joined the boy band *NSYNC. The band released their self-titled debut album in 1998. They gained a lot of popularity among fans and established themselves in the music industry with a string of well-received albums. At the outset of Justin wrote and worked on songs for his first solo album in 2002.He ended his relationship with Britney Spears, his longtime girlfriend, during this period. In November of 2002, the solo album “Justified” was released. “Like I Love You,” “Cry Me A River,” and “Rock Your Body” are a few of the tracks from his solo album.

Bio of Britney Spears:-

Born in McComb, Mississippi on December 2, 1981, Britney Jean Spears grew up in Kentwood, Louisiana. Britney took dance classes as a child, and she excelled in gymnastics, winning numerous tournaments and the like. Above all, Britney had a passion for singing. When Britney was eight years old, she tried out for The All New Mickey Mouse Club (1989), but her age prevented her from being accepted. This led her to play the title role in the two-year run of the off-Broadway production “Ruthless”. When she reapplied for The All New Mickey Mouse Club (1989) at the age of 11, she succeeded this time as a mouseketeer alongside many current stars, including Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, and JC Chasez of *NSYNC.

But in the late 1990s, she signed with a Jive Recording Artist contract, which was her big break. After her debut album “…Baby One More Time” was released in early 1999, Britney went on to become a global sensation. She sold 13 million copies of “Baby” and 9 million copies of her sophomore album “Oops!…I Did It Again” (as of July 2001).

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Bio of Britney Spears
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Lance Bass hopes that people will overlook Justin Timberlake:-

On October 26, Bass was seen by TMZ at LAX, where he was questioned about his thoughts on the current state of affairs between his bandmate and Britney. “Look, I mean, everyone has their own opinion,” he said. We really need to practice forgiveness because it seems like there is so much hate in the world right now.” He said, “Britney did,” pointing out that the pop princess herself had forgiven Justin. Thus, let us take her note.” The singer did point out that it’s critical that people share their stories, though.

“Everyone deserves to tell their story,” he went on. She did, and I hope that the fans will be able to forgive her once more.” The author of Out of Sync expressed his excitement about reading the ‘Stronger’ singer’s memoir during his journey.Lance Bass wishes that Justin Timberlake’s fans would pardon him.The 44-year-old former member of *NSYNC recently discussed his feelings regarding the criticism his former bandmate has been receiving following Britney Spears’s disclosure of multiple details about their past relationship in her autobiography The Woman in Me.As seen in a TMZ video, Bass stated, “Look, I mean everyone has their own opinion.” “I just think that we need to practice a little forgiveness because the world is so full of hate right now.” The singer of “Better Place,” who seemed to be at the airport, mentioned that he had already bought Spears’ autobiography and intended to “read it on the plane.” Bass said, “Everyone deserves to tell their story.” She did, and I hope, you know She did, and I hope the fans can forgive each other again.

Lance Bass hopes that people will overlook Justin Timberlake
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The growing amount of information in Britney Spears’ memoir about Justin Timberlake’s past:-

Since Justin Timberlake has already faced criticism for his handling of Britney Spears, he is all too familiar with being scrutinized by the public. In contrast to the 2021 backlash that followed the release of the documentary “Framing Britney Spears,” “The Woman in Me” has been exposing previously unrevealed aspects of the couple’s relationship that don’t bode well for the singer of “The Social Network.”

The former child star wrote about how she became pregnant with Justin and how her grueling at-home abortion procedure went. “I loved Justin so much,” she uttered. I’ve always thought that one day we’ll be a family. That would just be a lot sooner than I had thought.” “Justin definitely wasn’t happy about the pregnancy,” she disclosed, though. Britney allegedly acknowledged that she wouldn’t have obtained the abortion if Timberlake hadn’t intervened.

Britney Spears is opening up about a traumatic event that she has kept hidden for twenty years.The pop icon says she became pregnant with Justin Timberlake’s baby while they were dating, but she had an abortion, according to her upcoming memoir The Woman in Me, PEOPLE confirms.Though unexpected, I didn’t see it as a tragedy. I cherished Justin dearly. I’ve always thought that one day we’ll be a family. Spears, who is now 41, describes the pregnancy in the book as “this would just be much earlier than I’d anticipated.” But Justin’s happiness over the pregnancy was undeniable. He claimed that we were far too young and not ready to become parents.

The growing amount of information in Britney Spears' memoir
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The Net Worth of Lance Bass:-

Lance Bass is an American author, singer, dancer, producer, actor, and television presenter. Lance Bass is worth $20 million in total. As a member of the hugely popular boy group NSYNC, Lance Bass made hearts skip a beat in the late 90s and early 2000s. Back when the band first started out, everyone thought Lance had a good voice, but his dancing was a little off. A record deal was once extended to NSYNC, but only if Lance was fired. He put a lot of effort into honing his dancing techniques, and the group refused to sign without him. History is what’s left.In the end, NSYNC sold 56 million albums. Their albums “Celebrity” and “No Strings Attached” are the second and first fastest-selling albums in history, respectively. The band took a break from their rigorous touring and recording schedule in 2002 by going on hiatus. While they were all sleeping, Justin Timberlake started recording solo music, and that was the group’s demise. The news that the group had been officially disbanded broke the hearts of millions of people. He pursued an acting career after the band broke up and spent several months training in Russia to become a cosmonaut.After being released in 2007, his autobiography “Out of Sync” immediately shot to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list. Bass came out as gay in a People magazine cover story published in July of that year. In October of that same year, he received the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award.

The Net Worth of Lance Bass
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The Net Worth of Justin Timberlake:-

With a $250 million net worth, Justin Timberlake is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor. He got his start in show business as a child, appearing on “Star Search” and “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club.” He became well-known as a member of the boy band NSYNC and later had success as an actor and solo artist.

In addition, Timberlake has entered the business sector with his 901 tequila, William Rast apparel line, and several joint venture restaurants. He started investing in the recently redesigned Myspace.com in 2012. Justin has made over $50 million in a single year from his various ventures in the past.

The Net Worth of Justin Timberlake
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The Net Worth of Britney Spears:-

Pop sensation Britney Spears has had a career fit for a blues ballad. Her husband filed for divorce after just 14 months of marriage. The superstar’s life has been dotted with equally massive triumphs and setbacks, most notably her well-publicized struggle to end a 14-year conservatorship.Spears’s net worth, which was estimated by Forbes to be roughly $60 million in 2021, is significantly lower than that of other prominent female pop stars, which may be explained by the upheaval in her personal life. In contrast, Forbes estimates that Rihanna is worth $1.4 billion and Taylor Swift is worth $740 million.

In June 2022, Spears, 41, wed 29-year-old Sam Asghari at her Thousand Oaks, California, home. This was seven months after the pop star requested that her conservatorship be ended by a judge. Since 2008, her father has had some control over the conservatorship, which has placed him in charge of her finances and career. Spears had been harshly critical of it, calling it abusive.

In 2021, Spears testified in court, “I feel ganged up on, I feel bullied, and I feel alone.” “If I am able to work, support myself, and pay others, I shouldn’t be in a conservatorship. It’s illogical,” Spears remarked.

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