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42-Everything About Lance Bass’s Twins Alexander James and Violet Betty

by Ratan Pramanik
Everything About Lance Bass's Twins Alexander James and Violet Betty

About Lance Bass:-

About Lance Bass
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Lance Bass is an American singer, actor, and producer. He was born in Laurel, Mississippi, on May 4, 1979. His rise to fame was aided by his membership in the boy band NSYNC, which rose to prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Bass has pursued a career in acting in addition to music, appearing in films such as Lovewrecked and On the Line and TV shows such as 7th Heaven and Dancing with the Stars.Bass made waves on Broadway in 2007 as “Corny Collins” in the popular musical “Hairspray,” released his candid memoir “Out of Sync,” and danced his way to the championship round of the seventh season of ABC’s popular competition series Dancing with the Stars (2005).

He was inducted into the Mississippi Musician’s Hall of Fame in 2003, making history as the youngest inductee. In 2012, he co-hosted the pop culture radio show “Dirty Pop” on Sirius XM with Lance Bass. Currently, he is the host of their weekend show “Pop2k Countdown.”The Mississippi I Am Award-winning film Kidnapped for Christ has gained recognition as a producer. The film won the Audience Award for Documentary Feature at its January Slamdance premiere and Best Documentary at the Manhattan International Film Festival. Bass’s passion for movies and documentaries dates back to his childhood.

Lance Bass is a versatile person who achieves success in a number of areas. He performs, sings, hosts, produces, writes, runs his own business, travels to space, and is a philanthropist.In addition to his immense fame as a member of the phenomenally successful group *NSYNC, which has sold over 60 million records worldwide, Bass has also become a household name. He has expanded his accomplishments over the past 20 years to encompass a variety of entertainment platforms. Among them in the music business have been numerous nominations for Grammy® awards, two diamond RIAA awards, MTV Video Music Awards, American Music Awards, and People’s Choice Awards.Since September 2015, Bass has contributed as a panelist every day on The Meredith Vieira Show (2014).

Dropping Lance Bass:-

As per our latest knowledge, Lance Bass is White and was born in Laurel, Mississippi. There are many different ideas that fall under the umbrella of “ethnicity,” such as common ancestry, shared heritage, and cultural background. It can also refer to characteristics unique to a particular group of people, like their language, customs, traditions, and religion. A person’s ethnicity can also be a way for them to identify with their culture and sense of self.Lance Bass is an American author, singer, dancer, actor, and producer of motion pictures and television shows. He was a member of the boy band NSYNC, along with Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, and others. He is also known by the name Lancaster.

Lance’s paternal grandfather is James Invar Bass, son of Lizzie As co Bass and Mamie Viola Dunning. James, the great-grandfather of Lance, was the son of James Irvin Bass and Elizabeth Caroline Polk. Mamie’s parents were Evelyn Jane Shores and James Christopher Columbus Dunning.Lance’s paternal grandmother is Ann Wind ham, the daughter of James Bond Wind ham and Avis Eleanor Wilson. James’s parents were Josephine Martin and James William Windham. Avis’s parents were John Andrew Wilson and Arena/Ora Destine Pool.

Lance’s maternal grandfather, Eliza “Shorty” Pullman, was the son of Charles/Charlie Eliza Pullman and Lelia. Lance’s grandfather Eliza was born in Lewisville, Mississippi. Charlie was the offspring of Alva Marcella Pullman and Daisy/Daisy Grayness. Lance’s maternal grandmother is Betty J. Lowe, daughter of Aruba Hansel “Brie”/Bursa Lowe and Mary/Myra Frances Wells. Betty was born in Mississippi. Aruba was born to Daniel William Lowe and Martha Jane Elmer. Mary’s parents were Nancy Hill and Andrew Jackson Wells.

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Dropping Lance Bass
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Career of Lance Bass:-

In 1995, Lance Bass made his singing debut with the boy band NSYNC. He put out several hit albums with NSYNC, such as “No Strings Attached” and “Celebrity.” Bass pursued a solo music career following NSYNC’s dissolution in 2002. He also worked as an actor, producer, and television host. He has hosted programs like “Finding Prince Charming” and “The Pop Years,” and he has acted in movies like “On the Line” and “Lovewrecked.”

Over his career, Lance Bass has accomplished a great deal. He won multiple awards, including the MTV Video Music Awards, American Music Awards, and Billboard Music Awards, and sold over 70 million records worldwide while he was a member of NSYNC. Bass has established a successful career as an actor, producer, and television host in addition to his music career. Along with his involvement in philanthropy, he founded the Lance Bass Foundation to support environmental causes and has collaborated with groups like GLAAD and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Career of Lance Bass
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James Alexander:-

Alexander James, Bass and Turchin’s first child, was born on October 13, 2021, through surrogacy. He is Violet Betty’s twin brother, born at 1:24 p.m., one minute after he was born.Alexander’s birth was shared on Instagram by Bass, who also revealed that the baby weighed 4 pounds, 14 ounces and measured 18.5 inches. He partially captioned the image, saying, “The baby dragons have arrived.”Bass and Turchin noticed their babies’ personalities soon after they were born. The former member of the boy band told PEOPLE, “Since two months old, we knew their personalities, and they’ve just gotten more exaggerated.”

Alexander was described by Bass in December 2021 as “such a sweet, docile little boy.” In February 2023, he provided an update that was completely different.Alexander, according to Bass, “just wants all the attention and just wants to get in trouble all the time.” The new father shared that as a result, he has “learned patience,” among other things.The couple talked to PEOPLE in December 2021 about how fatherhood had been treating them, despite the difficulties of raising toddlers. It’s actually “been a lot easier” than anticipated, according to Bass. “We’re just lucky — and knocking on wood right now that this doesn’t change,” he stated.

“How nicely behaved they’ve been. They don’t create a lot of noise. The musician continued, “They cry when they have to be fed and changed. Bass revealed to PEOPLE in February 2023 that Alexander had spoken for the first time in January. He said, “So all those little milestones are just so precious,” at the time.Turchin told PEOPLE that he’s most excited to see their children grow up to have close sibling relationships. “Just the possibility that they will, hopefully, get along. He declared, “I like my sister; we were best friends,” when his twins were born.

Alexander James
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Betty Violet:-

Bass and Turchin are the parents of Violet Betty, their surrogate daughter born on October 13, 2021. Alexander, who was born just one minute before she was, is her twin sister.Violet was born, and Bass shared on Instagram that she was 17.5 inches long and 4 pounds, 11 ounces in weight. He wrote as part of the caption, “I can not express how much love I feel right now,” on the photo.In the months that followed, Bass and Turchin gave off the vibe of proud fathers when they posted tributes on social media and participated in red carpet interviews. In addition, they shared updates as their children grew up and candidly discussed their journey into fatherhood.

In December 2021, Bass told PEOPLE, “It’s actually been better than expected.” “We didn’t realize how much easier it would be. We’re just fortunate, and for now we’re crossing our fingers that nothing changes.”Turchin observed that Violet and Alexander were already displaying “two very different personalities,” despite being twins (and two months old at the time), much like he and his own twin sister did as infants. Turchin reported that two months after their birth, Violet was “way more strong-willed and way more active, and way more opinionated and vocal” than her brother. Bass announced with pride in October 2022 that she “finally took her first step.”

Violet Betty
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