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39-Who Is the Husband of Heidi Klum? Whole Tom Kaulitz Story

by Ratan Pramanik
Whole Tom Kaulitz Story

Bio of Heidi Klum:-

Tom Kaulitz
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German American supermodel, TV host, and businesswoman Heidi Klum was born on June 1, 1973, in Bergisch Gladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany. She hosted Germany’s Next Topmodel and Project Runway.In 1992, at the age of eighteen, Klum participated in the German beauty pageant “Model 92.” She lived near Cologne with her father, a cosmetics industry executive, and mother, a hairstylist. After defeating 25,000 rivals, Klum was awarded a $300,000 contract by New York City’s Metropolitan Models.After a brief stay in South Beach, Florida, Klum started her modeling career in New York City in 1993.

When she appeared on the cover of Mirabella magazine in 1994, it was her big break. Klum’s notoriety increased in the mid-1990s when she modeled for the covers of Vogue, ELLE, and Marie Claire magazines, but her most If Messi had been by himself during the pitch—yes, the usual stuff—that he had signed a contract on a paper napkin and hired him right away.She gained international recognition in 1999 as one of the original “Angels,” a group of Victoria’s Secret lingerie models who took part in annual televised runway shows and other promotional events. Klum not only maintained her role as a Victoria’s Secret model but also launched her own range of underwear and makeup.Despite being one of the highest-paid models in the world, Klum pursued many other lucrative business ventures. She debuted two swimsuit calendars in 2002, one for Europe and one for the US. Later, Klum hosted an adventure show on the Discovery channel and made guest appearances in a number of video games and motion pictures.

About of Tom Kaulitz:-

Tom Kaulitz's Life Story

Tom Kaulitz was born in Leipzig, East Germany, on September 1, 1989. He grew up with his twin brother in the village of Loitsche. Tom’s parents, Jörg and Simone Kaulitz, separated when he was seven years old. On August 1, 2009, his mother married guitarist Gordon Trümper, whom he had been dating for fifteen years. Tom began writing music at the age of seven and developed an interest in picking up the guitar. Gordon, the former boyfriend of Tom’s mother, found out about Tom’s passion for music. Gordon learned that Tom’s brother Bill shared the boys’ love of singing and encouraged the boys to start their own band. When Tom and Bill were ten years old, they started performing live in Magdeburg. They were introduced to Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer during one of their shows. With their combined efforts, they formed a new band called Devilish, which later became Tokyo Hotel.

They fell in love right away, and in February 2019, they secretly got married.

As of January 2020, Klum told PEOPLE, “I’m just a much happier person.” I have a partner with whom I can talk about everything for the first time. Someone who shares the responsibilities that each of us has in life. I used to handle everything by myself. I get to know what it’s really like to have a partner for the first time.”

Since saying “I do,” Kaulitz has integrated into the family and is regarded by Klum’s children as a “extra dad.”

Tom Kaulitz is a Italian:-

Kaulitz and Klum were both born in Germany. “He is brilliant beyond measure. In 2018, Klum told PEOPLE, “Perhaps it’s because he’s German and we understand each other differently.”Another way that their shared German heritage has influenced their relationship was discussed by Klum on Jimmy Kimmel Live in May 2021. Kaulitz gave his wife a fragment of the Berlin Wall as a birthday present.”I’ve been to East Berlin a ton; my husband was actually born there, okay. Of course I adore Germany. Even though I’ve been here longer than I have in Germany, this is my hometown. Thus, he presented this to me on my birthday,” Klum said. It was necessary for it to travel from Germany, followed by our garden with a crane.””It’s stunning,” she went on. “I mean it’s beautiful that it’s broken and that it’s not standing there anymore doing what they intended it to do, so I love it as an art piece in the garden.”

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Tom Kaulitz  is a Italian
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He is a performer:-

The Kaulitz brothers formed their rock group, Tokio Hotel, in 2001 at the age of fifteen, having grown up performing music. Bill is the lead singer and Kaulitz is the lead guitarist. (Georg Listing plays bass, and Gustav Schäfer plays drums.) Even Klum has joined the group, which continues to perform and produce music. Bill appeared in the music video for the band’s “Monsoon” remake, which was released to commemorate the song’s 15th anniversary, donning one of Klum’s dresses.”I said, ‘I need to borrow a dress.’ I went to Heidi’s closet.” And Heidi’s thinking, “Well, this thing I have has a lot of fabric.” And I thought, “That’s perfect.” I put it on. It is I thought, ‘Well, that’s perfect,’ because it was almost like a wedding dress and had a lot of fabric, Bill told PEOPLE.

German guitarist, songwriter, and producer Tom Kaulitz. His work as the guitarist for the band Tokio Hotel from 2001 to the present is what made him most famous. The lead singer of Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz, is his identical twin. His closest pals are Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing.The lead guitarist for Tokio Hotel, Tom Kaulitz, was born in Leipzig, Germany on September 1, 1989, to Jörg and Simone Kaulitz. Bill, his twin brother, is ten minutes younger than him.German guitarist, songwriter, and producer Tom Kaulitz. His work as the guitarist for the band Tokio Hotel from 2001 to the present is what made him most famous. Bill Kaulitz, his identical twin.

He is a performer
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Twice he wed Klum:-

Klum and Kaulitz got engaged by December 2018. The model shared a photo of the couple grinning while she flaunted her engagement ring on Twitter to announce the news. “I said yes,” she captioned the photo.Klum and Kaulitz secretly wed two months later. Though they kept it a secret for a while, the couple legally became husband and wife after obtaining a marriage certificate in California.After Kaulitz’s three-day bachelor party in Vegas, in August 2019, Klum and the rock star celebrated their marriage in Capri, Italy, surrounded by close friends and family. The event was held on the opulent yacht Christina O., which Aristotle Onassis once owned and used for his wedding reception to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.Klum and Kaulitz commemorated their fourth wedding anniversary in February 2023.The supermodel posted a series of photos to Instagram with the caption, “Love of my life,” one of which showed her kissing a shirtless Kaulitz.

He looks after Klum’s kids as a stepdad:-

Following his marriage to Klum, Kaulitz took on the role of stepfather to her four children: sons Henry and Johan, and daughters Leni and Lou. Kaulitz “made a huge effort to get to know them” from the moment he met the children, a source told PEOPLE, and he now views himself as a “extra dad” to them.The source went on, “He participates in activities that the girls like and plays sports with Heidi’s boys. Heidi is so happy that she met Tom and is inspired by his enthusiasm and outlook on life.”Kaulitz even asked the children’s permission before incorporating their ideas into his proposal.
Tom, the children, and Heidi worked together to prepare a breakfast tray for Heidi, complete with coffee, flowers, and a ring box. A source stated that Klum “loved his thoughtfulness and that he included the kids.” “Tom wanted the kids to be part of the whole thing, so they all brought the tray up to Heidi’s room and surprised her with breakfast in bed and then he proposed,” the source said.

He looks after Klum's kids as a stepdad
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